Justin Peck Prevails for Muskingum County Speedweek Victory!
(June 17, 2021) Round six of Cometic Gasket Ohio Sprint Speedweek presented by Hercules Tires did not disappoint on Thursday evening at Muskingum County Speedway, as Monrovia, Indiana’s Justin Peck and recent Sam McGhee Motorsports acquisition, Spencer Bayston, battled until the fat lady sang, dueling hard in the final four circuits of the 25-lap contest with Peck earning the edge. Forced to utilize a last-ditch effort slider in the final corner, Peck’s FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 victory bumped his season total to three; four over the course of his career. Snapping a recent dry spell, the Muskingum triumph, a $6,000 accomplishment, resulted in Peck’s first visit to victory lane since Sharon Speedway’s Buckeye Cup in early May. Peck now owns All Star victories at four different facilities.

“Hats off to Spencer. That was fun,” Justin Peck said in victory lane, driver of the Buch Motorsports/Coastal Race Parts/No. 13 sprint car. “Hats off to these guys. We’ve been struggling for a couple of weeks now, but to finally figure things out is pretty awesome. It wasn’t all on their end. I needed to figure some stuff out on my end, as well. To be a winner during Speedweek is pretty special. Growing up wanting to be a sprint car driver, you dream of having the chance to race Speedweek. So to get a win is pretty cool.”

Forced to start the race, officially, in single-file formation, a decision made by the officials after four consecutive double-file cautions, including a red flag incident, halted action, Spencer Bayston earned the initial jump, getting the best of pole sitter, Cale Conley. Bayston and Conley battled hard for the first three circuits with Bayston finally earning some separation on lap four. Meanwhile, Peck, who started fourth on the grid, battled his way to second by lap six, getting by Tyler Courtney and Cale Conely in consecutive fashion to secure the position. A caution on lap nine would halt the field one last time.

Although Bayston and Peck would run one-two through lap 21, action did not hit high gear until lap 20, as Bayston found himself trapped behind a wall of lapped cars. The roaming roadblock forced Bayston to check up which allowed Peck to pull even with the Mike McGhee and Associates No. 11 the following circuit. Lap 22 is when Peck made his move, sliding by Bayston at the exit of turn four to lead the lap. Despite the rapid change, Bayston refused to give up, keeping Peck within a car length during the next two trips through traffic.

The final lap would see Bayston pull even with Peck through turns one and two, ultimately powering by the Buch Motorsports entry down the backstretch. In return, Peck dove to the bottom of turn three, slid across the nose of Bayston, then kissed the turn four cushion, all before beating the Lebanon, Indiana-native in a drag race back to the checkers.

“I felt like we had a stellar car all night long. I just felt really, really good,” Bayston said on his second night piloting for Mike McGhee. “These Sam McGhee Motorsports guys did a fantastic job all night and they made my job a lot easier.”

FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions
1) 13 Justin Peck, 2) 11 Spencer Bayston, 3) 7BC Tyler Courtney, 4) 16 DJ Foos, 5) 3C Cale Conley, 6) 4 Cap Henry, 7) 17B Bill Balog, 8) 15H Sam Hafertepe Jr, 9) 22H Jac Haudenschild, 10) 25R Jordan Ryan, 11) 28 Tim Shaffer, 12) 48 Danny Dietrich, 13) 91 Kyle Reinhardt, 14) 1 Nate Dussel, 15) 5 Paul McMahan, 16) 21BP Brinton Marvel, 17) 18T Tanner Holmes, 18) W20 Greg Wilson, 19) 10 Zeb Wise, 20) 26 Cory Eliason, 21) 49X Cale Thomas, 22) 70M Henry Malcuit, 23) 55 Hunter Schuerenberg, 24) 24 Rico Abreu

Arizona Sport Shirts Super Late Models
1) 14 Corey Conley, 2) 28 Tyler Carpenter, 3) 10 Nathon Loney, 4) 113 Brandon Francis, 5) 29 Clint Keenan, 6) 20 Todd Brennan, 7) 144 Anthony Kinkade, 8) 18 Mitch Caskey, 9) 5m Ryan Markham, 10) 99 Matt Altiers, 11) 55c Chad Smith, 12) 145 Chase Frohnapfel, 13) 90 Jarrod Cassley, 14) 1x Rex Slaughter, 15) 76 Brock Star Stevens, 16) 92 Hiram Bauchman, 17) 45 Russ Frohnapfel, 18) w1 Cory Workman, 19) j11 Tim Penley, 20) 52 Cole Lillibridge, 21) 88 Dustin Smith, 22) 59 Shane McLoughlin, 23) 24 Jerry Aber

COR®BON Ammunition Modifieds
1) 1* Kyle Moore, 2) 101 Jesse Wisecarver, 3) 1c Tyler Carpenter, 4) 45L Sam Lovejoy, 5) 85 Robin Duston, 6) j11 Jimmy Smith, 7) 5 Jess Hartman, 8) 99d Derek Davis, 9) 89 Jason King, 10) 190 Timmy Glassburn, 11) 97 Mitch Thomas, 12) 39s Ronald Schmitt, 13) 27c Kacy Butler, 14) 45 Colt Maxwell, 15) 18c Miles Cook, Jr., 16) 76j Jeremy Waite, 17) 22 Evan Seitz, 18) 15 Larry Jarrett, 19) 9 Kevin Crawford, 20) 88 Barry Jacobs, 21) 12L Landin Wetzel, 22) 32m Cameron Miller, 23) 55s Rick Schmitt, 24) 99 C.J. Kinneer, 25) 16t TA Perrine



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